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Spring Resolutions

April 11, 2009

What is it about spring that makes me want to make a fresh start in so many ways? I’m not one to make resolutions on New Year’s Eve so let’s call these Spring Goals to Accomplish in 2009…

1)Plant a lettuce garden – I won’t have as much in my garden this year with a baby due in early June but hopefully I can have some fresh salad greens all summer long.

2)Spend more time outside – with a newborn and a toddler this could be interesting or a good incentive. Hopefully time outside will wear H out so that she naps and sleeps well!!

3)Purge clothes, CDs, books and general accumulation of crap that has gathered in the house. Do we really need so much stuff?

4)Spend more “adult” time with DH… ’nuff said 😉

5)Lose the baby weight – don’t have specifics on this yet as the baby isn’t due for a couple of months. I was 5 pounds heavier starting this pregnany than the last and was 15-20 pounds heavier over all than I wanted to be. I plan on rejoining Curves and possible using a Wii Fit to help me along. I was so exhausted with a non sleeping baby until the age oof 2!) that weight loss wasn’t high on my list. Hopefully thiongs move along better with this one…

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