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Best Way to Use Coupon’s This Week Aug. 7-14th

August 10, 2009

Thanks again to Canadian Free Stuff for putting these deals together!

Royale Bathroom Tissue 12/24 rolls~$5.97-$1.00 (go coupons)=$4.97
Pampers Cruisers~434.97-$4.00 (door hanger coupon)=$30.97
Country Harvest Brad~2/$4.00-$1.00 (man. coupon)=2/$3.00
Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Bars~$1.99×2=$3.98-Buy 2 save $1.00 (man coupon)=2/$2.98
Arm & Hammer Toothpaste~$1.77-.75¢ (smart source)=$1.02
Venus Embrace Refills~$3.00-$2.00 (brandsaver)=$1.00 ($1.00
Infusium Hair Care~$4.99-$3.00 (smart source)=$1.99
Breathe Right~$15.99-$3.00 (shopper’s voice)=$12.99
Reactine~$16.97-$3.00 (printable)=$13.97
Always Infinity~$4.99-$1.00 ($3.99
Aspirin Low Dose 180+45~$13.57-$2.00 ($11.57

Majesta Bathroom Tissue 16/32 rolls~$5.97-$1.00 ($4.97 WOW!!
Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Bars~$1.67×2=$3.34-Buy 2 save $1.00=2/$2.34 WOW!!
Ensure~$6.00-$3.00 (chq with samples)=$3.00 WOW!!
Quaker Rice Cakes~4/$5.00-.75¢ ($4.25
Eggos 16pkg~$2.97-$2.00 (cereal box)=.97¢ for 16 WOW!!
Cascade Action Pacs~$9.77-$1.50 (smart source)=$8.27
Nestle Minis~$4.00-$1.00 (man. coupon)=$3.00
Always Infinity~$4.72-1.00 ($3.72
SatinCare~$1.96-$2.00 (!!
Kraft Handi Snacks~$1.17×2=$2.34-Buy 2 save .35¢=2/$1.99
Knorr Sides Plus Veggies~2/$3.00-.50¢ (man.Coupon)=$2.47
Iams Dry Cat Food~$19.98-$1.50=$18.48
Vileda Du Activia Anti Dust Broom~$8.88-$2.00 (smart source)=$6.88
Air Wick iMotion~$8.97-$1.00 (smart source or shop & save)=$7.97
Mr. Clean Liquid + bonus Wipes~$3.53×2=7.06-buy 2 save $2.00 ($5.06
Ziplock Value Pack~$4.47-.50¢ (off McDonald’s Paper Tray Liner)=$3.97
Purex Fabric Softener~2/$7.00-$1.00 (came with sample)=2/$6.00

Tres Stell Bocconcini~$2/$8.99-.50¢ (cheese mag)=2/$8.49
Tres Stell Feta~2/$7.99-.50¢ (cheese mag)=2/$7.49
Cheese Strings~$5.99-.50¢ (man soupon)=$5.49
Silk Soy Milk~$3.69-$1.00 (man. coupon)=$2.69
Source Yougurt 650g Tub~$2.79-.50¢ (go coupons)=$2.29
Minigo 6×60g~$2.69-.50¢ (gocoupons)=$2.19

Royale Bathroom Tissue 12/24 rolls~$5.99-$1.00 (go coupons)=$4.99
Poise Pads~$14.99-$1.50 ($13.49
Herbal Essence Shampoo/Conditioner~2/$5.00-BOGO ($5.00
Glade Ultra Mini Spray~.88¢-$1.00 (smart source)=FREE!!
Reactine 10’s~$5.99-$3.00 (printable if not expired)=$2.99
Kraft Handi-Snacks~.88¢x2=$1.76-.35¢ ($1.41 WOW!
Purex Laundry Detergent/Softener~(Sun & Mon Only!) $3.99-$1.00 (came with sample)=$2.99 WoW!
Aspirin Low Dose 100-120’s~$13.99-$2.00 ($11.99
Reactine 30-36’s~$16.99-$3.00 (printable)=$13.99
Always Infinity~$4.99-$1.00 ($3.99
Tubes/Minigos~$1.99-.50¢ (go coupons)=$1.49
Bistro Express Rice~$2.49-$1.00 (man. coupon)=$1.49 WOW!
Banana Boat~$7.99-.75¢ ($7.24
Dove Go Fresh Mist & Antiperspirant Value Pack~$4.99-$2.50 ($2.49

Sensodyne Toothpaste~$3.77-$1.50 (shopper’s Voice)=$2.27
Herbal Essence~$1.98-BOGO ($1.98 WOW!!
Secret Deodorant~$1.88-.50¢ ($1.38 WOW!!
Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner~$3.97×3=$11.91-Buy 3 save $3.00 ($8.91 or $2.97 each

Simply Apple or Orange~$3.47-.75¢ (man. coupon)=$2.72
Cheese Strings~$5.89-.50¢ (man coupon)=$5.39
Purex Laundry Detergent~$7.47-$1.00 (came with samples)=$6.47
Lysol Wipes ~$1.98×2=$3.96-Buy 2 save $2.00 (smart source)=2/$1.96 WOW!
Spay and Wash Bright & white~$4.79-$1.00 (shopper’s voice)-$3.79
Finish Quantium 15 ct~$5.99-$1.50 (shopper’s voice)=$4.49
Ensure~2/$18.00-3.00 (came with samples)=2/$15.00
Herbal Essence~2/$5.00-BOGO=4/$5.00
Synsodyne Toothpaste~3.79-$1.50 (shopper’s vocie)=$2.29
Satin Care~$1.99-$2.00 ( if not expired)=FREE!!
Stay Free Pads~$6.49-$1.00 ($5.49
Swiffer Wet Jet Starter Kit~$18.99-$5.00 (man. coupon)=$13.99

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