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Frugal Friday – homemade wasp trap

September 11, 2009
This is the time of year where creepy little critters and flying insects try to get access to our home to hunker down for the winter.
One of the many pets that we have a problem with are wasps. It appears that they seem to gather and squeeze their way into any nook they can find to gain access to our house.
We used to use chemical insect killer sprays but hated the smell. Now that we have littles around, we are much more aware of what they could inhale/ ingest so we want to avoid using poisons, if at all possible.
Here is a great (and frugal!) wasp trap that uses what is around the house:
You will need – one 500 ml pop bottle (empited of contents)
                        a bit of honey or syrup or sugary liquid



Cut the top of the pop bottle off about 2 inches from the neck. Keep this piece as you will need it later. Add honey, syrup or what ever sugary liquid you are using. Take the top of the bottle that you cut off, turn it upside down and place in the bottle. The neck piece should hang inside the bottle. Place outside near the area where wasps are trying to invade.

The sweet liquid is what attracts the wasps. Once they go in the bottle to investigate, they have a hard time getting out of the inverted top. They will eventually drown and die.

Dump out and replace the liquid as needed.

You should be wasp free in no time!

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