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Monday Musings

September 14, 2009

While writing this post last week, my husband lay on the street after being hit by a car (read about it here). Thankfully he escaped with a few broken bones and bruises but is still feeling a lot of pain a week later. More trips to the doctor and physio are in our future as well as dealing with the insurance company regarding replacment of his bike and payment for medical treatment.

Needless to say I didn’t get much done on my weekly plan last week….


  • all things bridal shower related – little sis had a great shower! Lots of people showed up (even those that didn’t RSVP!!!) She got some beautiful gifts and was a bit overwhelmed with everyone’s generousity… Two weeks until wedding day!

Weekly plan

  • weed garden – still haven”t gotten around to it yet… I wonder if there are any non weed plants left…
  • haircut – YAY!!!! Unfortunately won’t be able to get the colour and highlights I wanted with DH on the injured list. He is unable to even pick up the littles if needed so my time away from home is limited. No worries though… When his recovery is all done maybe I can fit in a half day at the spa!
  • coupon stcking trip to London Drugs – hope to get there this week if the coupons I am expecting show up. If not, the the trip will be put off until next week.
  • start a twice monthly review post – have a few products in mind to start reveiwing. Stay tuned for that!
  • enjoy the unseasonably warm September – after a below average temperature summer, this warm weather is welcome! Maybe being outside will mean I will get the garden done!
  • plant fall coloured perennial mums.
  • gert apples from middle sis and make apple pie filling and freeze.

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