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Frugal Friday

September 18, 2009

One of of my favourite vices is coffee house coffees. I love to get Mochas (hot or iced) at either Tim Hortons, Starbucks or small indepently owned shops but at $5.00 or so each, it can become an expensive habit.
I have learned to make my own mochas at home by brewing my own coffee and mixing homemade chocolate sauce. It’s wuick and easy and tastes oh so good! And it’s frugal!

Chocolate sauce
1 cup cocoa
1 1/2 cup  sugar (I only use 1 cup sugar as I like the it to taste more like a dark chocolate)
1 1/2 cup water
1 tsp vanilla
Mix all together in a pot and boil until the sauce begins to thicken. Allow to cool and pour into a jar. Must be refrigerated.
To make a mocha
Brew a strong coffee. My favourite right now is 100% Kona coffee brewed in my French press. Pour into a mug that has your desired amount of milk and chocolate sauce. Voila!
It’s that simple!
For an iced mocha, simply chill the coffee before mixing. I also make coffee ice cubes out of leftover coffee to add to my iced coffee drinks to prevent them from becoming watered down from regular ice cubes.
This chocolate sauce recipe can also be used to make chocolate milk and can be poured over ice cream for a chocolatey fix!

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