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Monday Musings

September 21, 2009
It’s a rainy day here in the village. It is needed as we have been blessed with an Indian summer for the last week. Summer finally arrived in September after a colder than average summer. ‘Bout time!!! LOL!!!
  • weeded front garden – ABOUT TIME!!! Finally got around to it and spent a couple of hours in the warm sunshine getting it done. Have some spring bulbs to plant yet but I haven’t decided where to put them.
  • haircut
  • apple pie filling made – thanks to a generous sister and brother-in-law, I have enough apple pie filling waiting in my freezer for 6 pies! Mmmmm the house smelled so good after I was done.
  • did one small coupon stacking trip to London Drugs. Hope to get details up about it soon.

Weekly plan

  • little sis is getting married this weekend so most of my time will be spent on various bridal activities.
  • laundry – just a little to do before the wedding
  • weed vegetable garden – may have to harvest the tomatoes early as frost may be coming soon. I am going to try pulling up the whole plant and hanging it up to ripen the fruit. The tomatoes started to come in so late this year with the cool weather that I don’t think they will ripen on their own before the first frost.

I am going to start a new regular feature about how much money I have saved while using coupons and rewards points. I am not sure if it will be an actual post or just a button in the side bar.

What would you rather see – regular post or button in the side bar?

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