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Product Review – Super Yummy Teether from Discovery Toys

October 8, 2009
My first born didn’t start to get teeth until she was 8 months old… and, boy,  did she let us know about it! She would turn into a grump,y crying, blubbering mess everytime a tooth started to come in. And they never came in fast… days and sometimes weeks would pass before the tooth would finally through.
We tried all kinds of teethers – frozen ones were too cold for her to hold on to. Any plastic ones we found had only hard plastic pieces to chew on which hurt her little gums even more.
When I discovered this funny looking teether from Discovery Toys, I was skeptical. it looked like a dog chew toy to me. Besides, nothing else seemed to work
I was totally surprised when she picked it up and chewed and chewed and chewed!! She loved it!
The Super Yummy Teether is made of soft plastic with 5 different ends to sooth sore gums and provide a different texture sensation. It also has a very light vanilla scent which is (apparently) the closest scent to breastmilk and pleasing to babies. It can also be easily cleaned on the top shelf of the dishwasher.
I loved the Super Yummy Teether so much that I give them to all new moms I know… I also joined Discovery Toys as a Consultant because of this toy.
All Discovery Toys come with a lifetime guarantee. Any broken toys will be repalced at no cost. They really stand behind their product!!
To get a Super Yummy Teether for your little one or to check out the other products Discovery Toys has to offer, you can check them out here.
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