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Monday Musings

October 19, 2009

Our pastor was talking today about blessings. He asked if any of us were so full of blessings that we couldn’t possible accept anymore… Of course no one raised their hands… I have to admit though, I am pretty close to being that person.

Here’s a few reasons why:

  1. Wonderful husband who loves me
  2. Two beautiful healthy well behaved children
  3. Great relationship with my parents and siblings
  4. The ability to stay home to raise our children
  5. Warm loving home (ok, it is a little messy at times but we have lots of fun there!)
  6. More food to eat than we really need
  7. Freedom and stability in our country
  8. More financially secure than the majority of the population – not rich, mind you, but not hurting either thanks to sacrifices we have made to live on one salary
  9. Safe neighbourhood to live in
  10. Too much stuff – which means we are more than blessed!!! LOL!!

How are you blessed?

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