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Monday Musings

October 26, 2009
Dh and I had baby J dedicated at our church on Sunday. The service was lovely and inspirational. Not only did the pastor pray for each child individually  but also for the parents. Each child received a bible and certificate of dedication from the church as well. it will be awhile before J is ready to read his bible but we will help him along his way.
On Saturday, I had my first Steeped Tea party. What fun! We sampled some different teas and learned a little bit about the history and health benefits of tea. Would you like to see a regular “tea” post here?
As usually, we have a busy week  ahead.
Here’s the weekly plan:
  • grocery shop – we haven’t had to get many groceries this past month thanks to a freezer full of meat and freshly frozen vegetables from the garden. Just need to stock up on a few staple items.
  • coupon stacking trip to London Drugs – diapers are on sale!!!
  • laundry – continually
  • get office organized – have two businesses now (tea and toys) so I have to get the paperwork files in their own places
  • sort baby J’s clothes – he is growing  like a weed!
  • sort H’s clothes – time to put away the summer wardrobe
  • sort my clothes – my little sis gave me a bunch of her clothes when she moved so now I need to see if any of my old clothes are going to make it to my closet this season
  • what ever clothes are not being used will be donated

What is your weekly plan? Put a link up to your blog post in the comments so we can all share!

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