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Monday Musings

November 20, 2009
Hard to believe it’s the end of November already! We don’t have the usual accumulation of snow and frigid temperatures like we normally do this time of year. Without the snow it’s hard to remember that there are only 26 days until Christmas!
How is your Christmas shipping coming along? I am late getting to mine this year. Thank goodness for online shopping! We will see what kind of deals Cyber Monday bring.
We got the tree up and decorated this weekend. H was super excited to help out. She was too young last year to really get into the whole decorating thing but she remembers it and this year she started running around the house when I told her we would be decorating.
I am listening to Josh Groban and Casting Crown’s Christmas CDs and watching the lights on the Christmas tree twinkle. Incredibly peaceful. I love this time of year. Why can’t we keep our trees up year round? Is that so wrong? LOL!
I found this super easy and fabulous homemade decoration. It is crafting for those like me who are craft-challenged! Anyone can make their own indoor snowstorm. I want to put it everywhere!
Weekly plan
  • family Christmas pictures
  • wrapping some of the kids presents
  • general tidying up around the house – having the Christmas decorations up makes me want to keep the house more tidy
  • perhaps some Christmas baking – we will see if the kids cooperate on giving me time to do that

What are your weekly plans?

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