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Monday Musings

December 14, 2009
Christmas brings out the nostalgic me. I find that I tend to reflect on the past year more leading up to Christmas than at New Years.
When H was born, I started a tradition of writing her a letter every New Year’s Eve. This year, with addition of J, I am changing that tradition to writing a letter to each of them on Christmas Eve.
Christmas Eve is such an important time for Christian as it marks the arrival of our Savior, Jesus Christ. As part of the letters, I want to remind H and J about the real reason for Christmas as it can be lost with the hustle and bustle of the season.
The letters will include funny tidbits, milestones, family traditions and stories for them to read and enjoy when they get older. This year, I am also going to start including a family picture from the last year as well. (I may go back to previous letters written for H and add a picture from those years as well!)
God willing, I will be around to watch my kids grow up,  but if not, then I want them to have something personal written by their mother by her own hand and in her own words.
What kinds of Christmas traditions do you want to pass on to your children?

Anyway, on a lighter note – here is the weekly plan:

  • spend lots of time listening to Christmas carols – I always find I miss them once Boxing Day rolls around!
  • wrap the rest of the presents and try to keep H from taking a peek at them
  • inventory the Christmas decorations and make a list of items to look for during Boxing Day sales
  • start a list of birthday present ideas for H to look for during Boxing Day sales
  • take the family to the Christmas train and light display – hopefully the weather will warm a little bit so that the evenings aren’t so frigid!
  • pick up Christmas pics and mail Christmas cards – cards are already done, just have to add the pics!
  • deep clean the following areas – bathrooms, kids rooms, kitchen floor, laundry room

Lots of fun Christmas themed plans, except for the cleaning part of course… guess I will have to play Christmas carols while cleaning! LOL!!!

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  1. baludec15 permalink
    December 15, 2009 7:23 am

    Good post, Thanks for sharing. Nice blog, I am follow you.

  2. December 22, 2009 10:14 pm

    I think your next post should be about deep frying instead of deep cleaning… Mmmm deep fry.

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