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Book Review – Green

December 17, 2009

Green is a good versus evil story written by Christian fantasy writer Ted Dekker. Green is the fourth novel written in the Circle Series – although it is Book 0 – the beginning.and the end.

The Circle Series is written in the round, meaning that it is the first in the series for those who have not yet read the books Black, Red and White or it is the final book for those who have. The story is said to work either way – like a circle.

A series of books in the round is what intrigued me about Green. How did it all fit?

Normally I enjoy a good suspense book but this one took me by surprise. The good versus evil theme was obvious throughout but as a book written by a Christian author, I expected more obvious references to the Bible and biblical teachings. I would be interested in knowing what Mr. Dekker used for reference and inspiration for writing this book and if there are any parallels to the Bible.

As an avid reader, I can normally get through a book in a handful of days. This one took a few weeks. I admit, the first 2/3 of the book were a bit of a struggle as I wrestled with the mysticism that this book portrays. It seemed contrary to any biblical teachings I know. But then I thought about classics like the Narnia series and asked myself “what is the difference with the mysticism written that series?”

I found myself being drawn in the Mr. Dekker’s writing in the final third of the book as the two sides (good and evil) reached there final climax in a battle that represented Armageddon. The battle was exciting to read although may be too gory for those not expecting it.

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