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Product Review – Tooth Tissues

December 31, 2009
We are in the throws of teething – sleepless nights, whining baby. A teething baby is not always a pleasant creature to live with so when those little pearly whites finally break through, I want to take good care of them.
I have tried using plan gauze to clean my baby’s gums but he didn’t really like the dry texture. That’s why I was thrilled to try out Tooth Tissues.
Tooth Tissues were created by dentists who are also parents so they know how difficult it can be to care for young children’s teeth and gums.
Tooth Tissues come in a resealable bag that easily fits into a diaper bag for oral hygiene on the go! Older kids and adults can even use them too!
The tissues are 99% natural and contain water, glycerin, aloe vera gel, hydrated silica, calcium carbonate, xylitol, xanthan gum, potassium sorbate, and sodium levulinate (this is a preservative that keeps bacteria growth at bay and allows the wipes to be safe yet paraben free.)
I tried the Tooth Tissues on baby J and myself. The tissues have a nice soft texture (similar to a baby wipe). J loved to chew on my finger as I wiped out his mouth. He is working hard on cutting teeth and chews on anything that goes in his mouth. They tissues have no flavour so if you are looking for a minty fresh finish, you, as an adult, will be disappointed… The lack of flavour is great for babies though!
I would recommend Tooth Tissues for infants and those with young children who are just learning about how to take care of their teeth. By using this great product, parents can be assured that their children’s teeth are clean.
To find a store that carries Tooth Tissues, click here or you can order them online direct here. Shipping is available to both Canada and the US at very reasonable rates.
Get some today!

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