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Links I Like – Blogging goals edition

January 5, 2010

Since the calendar recently turned to a new decade, the blogosphere has been full of posts about New Year goals and resolutions. Mine are here.

Savvy Blogging is hosting a 2010 Blogging Goals Roundup.

Here are my blogging goals for 2010

  1. Blog at least three times a week – Monday Musings and Frugal Fridays will be regular features with Liks I Like, reviews and giveaways thrown in to mix things up a bit.
  2. Schedule computer time into my day – Part of my personal goals for 2010 include organizing my days better and I want to include blog time into that.
  3. Pre write and pre plan posts – I don’t know if I will be as organized as Keeper of the Home who has her blog pre planned for the WHOLE MONTH! If I can posts planed and written a week ahead of time, I will be happy.
  4. Post favourite recipes – I am in the process of gathering my family’s favourite go to recipes and I want to share them with you!
  5. Updates my coupon savings –  I found a great post by The Coupon project. She has designed an Excel Savings Tracker! And you can download it for free! reta easy way to keep track of those savings! I plan on posting monthly updates on how much we are saving with coupons.

Here are other bloggers who have posted their blogging goals
Life as Mom
Mom Advice

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