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Frugal Friday – Price Guarantee

January 8, 2010
Don’t you hate when you buy something and then a few days later you see it at a better price? Do you fume and complain throw up your hands and say, “Oh well, better luck next time”? Sometimes you don’t have to!
A number of businesses offer a price guarantee which means they will give a refund/ credit for a difference in the purchase price and the current sale price with in a particular time frame. The time frame can vary. I have seen them from 7 days up to 90 days depending on the retailer.
Most recently, I booked airline tickets with West Jet for the four us for a trip to San Diego. At the time, I thought I was getting a pretty good price. Then a couple of days ago, West Jet offered an incredible seat sale! I called customer service and they gave me West Jet flight credits in the amount of $345! We are also planning a trip to Hawaii in the summer, so those credits will be put to good use.
One thing to keep in mind, if you do get store credit rather than a refund, find out if they credits have an expiry date. (In my case, I have to use the West Jet travel credit within a year).
I have also successfully gotten a refund for the difference in price from Canadian Tire and London Drugs. Check out your favourite store’s policy on price guarantee.
You can sometimes even price match a better price at a different store to get your refund. Again, check your store’s policy.
If the store doesn’t have a formal policy, it still doesn’t hurt to ask! (Nicely, of course.)
Just on more way to keep your money in your pocket!
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  1. Coupon Teacher permalink
    January 8, 2010 12:35 pm

    This is a great reminder. I would love to have you link up for Thrifty Thursday!

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