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Monday Musings

January 18, 2010
After a bit of tweaking (thanks to DH!), I finally have a ticker with our savings on groceries thanks to coupons and discounts. Last year, we averaged $450/ month to feed our family of 2 adults, a toddler and an infant. “Groceries” includes diapers, paper products – not just food. My goal this year is to cut our average monthly grocery by $50 – a yearly savings of $600.
I also went back to an earlier blog template. I find it is less “busy” than the last one. The colours are more relaxing and the layout is more reader friendly, I think. Do you like it?
I am also considering including a ticker (now that I know how to alter the code!) outlining my post baby weight goal. So far I am down 4 pounds from the beginning of the year with 20 more to go. Perhaps posting it up for the world to see will keep my accountable. If you are trying to make healthy changes, what are doing to stay motivated?
This weekend (again, thanks to DH), I started using a Photoshop alternative called It is a free photo editing software. I am inspired by the pictures taken by Dooce. I am sure she uses a much more advanced camera than my Canon A580 Powershot but I like it for what I use it for. I was incredibly impressed with what a little bit of editing can do for the look of my pictures! I doubt I will achieve the exact look of Dooce’s pic but you can see some examples here and here. I love the brightness in these photos and they way everyone’s eyes pop!
Here is the weekly plan:
  • take a trip to our local greenhouse for a little adventure and dose of “spring” while looking at the plants and fish pond – great cheap adventure
  • continue working on H’s pants by adding an elastic to her waist bands
  • menu plan for the next two weeks

What are your plans this week?

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